:merperson:t5:🦖 Lucky 13 - Say Anything :one::three:


I was about to say you look great! That totally could be you!


Just got a message from the library that they bought a copy of the book I’d requested a month ago. So glad, it’s an expensive book!


I checked with the library for a book and they only have 2 copies and 147 people on the waiting list


Popular books are like that. Another book I requested a few months ago has still 100 people on the waiting list.


I just had ice cream with my family and I feel guilty because I’m supposed to be dieting :frowning:


got to hike today. took a mini road trip and did a 5 mile trail I’ve never done before. Indiana sucks for hiking, i’d like to move but I’m stuck here unless I can convince my parents to give up on the place.


Man I really need to see a counselor. It’s so hard to keep my thoughts straight if I get triggered.


Oh no. I’m scared that I might blurt out my trigger on here and someone will use it against me…


Thanks for sharing @anon1571434. I thought I was the only one with this issue. I hope we both get some peace!


Sorrow’s native son…he will not rise for anyone.


How many women have tried to sleep with their gay male friends, not realizing the reason they understood each other so well was because they both shared an attraction to the same sex…


OMG this is so gross. I really hope this isn’t real.


Yuck!!! That has to be fake!


It’s real!


LOL. Interesting. I wonder if you can also use it as a mustache wax :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue:.


Is it kosher?


I may have to convert lol


The funniest part is “proud member of the Las Vegas Coalition of Reason”.

What the what is that?

Pretty funny.


Its atheists!

Very interesting…


I’m going for a bike ride soon! I can’t wait :stuck_out_tongue: I love biking :two_hearts:


$kunks don’t say anything. We spray our thoughts.