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Watching videos of homeless girls on youtube makes me realize that you don’t have to look disgusting to be homeless. Homeless girls can still be pretty too. I once gave money to a girl on the street holding a sign and I left wondering if she was really homeless because she seemed really clean and had make up on. I wasn’t living in my apartment yet so I would have at least given her a place to stay for 2 weeks at a time. Man that really sucks for her. I haven’t seen her in 2 years. Being homeless is not something to be.

Wherever she is I hope she is better now with a place to stay.


I had a nightmare last night, that my childhood best friend and his entire family died, and it was my fault. As I was trying to figure out a way to bring them back, his older sister came along. I’d completely forgotten about her, so she hadn’t died, and I had the unfortunate job of explaining to her where her brothers and parents went.

Why does my brain do this to me? :cry:


Can we call moderators the Justice League? They are doing a great job :slight_smile:


Do not break yourself, things, or people.

Give them, yourself breaks, rest. Have fun, take care for them, yourself. Love one another unconditionally, equally.


I was taking a nap with some white noise playing that seeped into my dreams.

I thought I was watching dragon ball and taking a nap then suddenly this really repatative and annoying synthvoice kept going

and I tried to take a nap in my dream but couldn’t because the annoying music.



i feel kinda bad today i am worried because my dick hasnt been working properly for a while and i wonder if my testosterone is messed up from getting so fat in just a few months i have gained like 130 pounds since i went back on meds i eat everyday stuffing myself making my stomach hurt, i think i will starve myself now i jus got done vaping i havent done it in a while but the nicotine isnt me feel sick today like before


Here is me with make up! Today I have a big day with cheering on the debate team and going on a date… I fear I will burn out from all this activity because I start a job next week Monday!! :frowning:


just 2 days until i see my doc


I just want to hold my baby again, but my poor little kitty passed away yesterday. Thinking about her makes me want to hold her and pet her but then I realize she’s gone and it makes me upset again. It’s a vicious cycle. Not to mention I’m stressed out about my surgery next week. And my grandma was sent to the hospital again because she had fluid build up in her heart and lungs. I don’t know what to do…


I’m so sorry about your cat. And everything you have going on causing stress at the moment. :heart:


I had small pieces fall off of two teeth now today. :frowning: I am sad.


Hope it didn’t hurt to bad


Not at all! They just popped out with no pain. It was weird as ■■■■!


Yesterday I finally cleaned my apartment for the first time in weeks… I got up this morning and felt my rooms are so clean, like the air is different. I feel so comfortable. I know I should clean more often but cleaning is somehow the most neglected chore in my home.


I am so hungry :yum: We are going for a small dinner tonight. Tomorrow is the photoshoot. I will stop stressing about it.


So this bird crapped on my car. Can you guess what I did to her nest?


I will style my hair like this tomorrow