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Doing pretty good!

Still can’t do much and that’s frustrating.

My husband is coping well with all the information we got yesterday,

So that’s good too.

Its great to hear that Jimmy is doing better,

Pets getting sick is the worst.

They can’t tell you what’s wrong, you feel totally helpless and scared,

I hate it.

Hope he keeps on the mend and gets back to his old self soon!


Thank you!

Yeah he is pretty much back, for the most part. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that must be very frustrating to not be able to do much.

It sounds like you both are staying strong and positive though.

Happy to hear that you are well :slight_smile: . Keep staying strong. Please feel free to PM me in the future.

Cyber Hugs, :v:.


Oh my GAWD man the girl who works the counter at the gym is SO hot! I want it SO bad mayne!


On the other hand, the girl I met online the OTHER day says she is 29, and thinks I am in my 30s :rofl:

I have that look the supercedes time.


Passed my training class! I get 1 day off tomorrow to do my doctor’s appointments and I start working next week Monday! Guess that means I can’t meet up with friends on Wednesday or see my therapist or help out at the debate team if I am to keep this job… :frowning:


I ate EVERYTHING today,

Tomorrow I’ve got to get back to walking and watching what I eat.

It has to start sometime and I feel pretty well healed up, at least enough for a slow walk up the street.

Wish me luck!


My mom is right. More and more I’m realizing this new boyfriend I found is too good for me. Even though he is younger, he really has his life together and knows what he wants. He seems really dependable and will treat me well. I am starting to feel I can overlook money. My parents expect perfection in my life, but I’m feeling I want to find my own happiness and it is not like money will truly buy that. My old boyfriend thinks it is just about money, but I am starting to feel he will bring my life down in other ways. He can’t take care of me. In some way he is still living like a teenager. He only looks after his daughter “when he feels like it”. I am trying to talk to him but he doesn’t understand. There is more to life than food, sex, and video games. Someone give me some advice here!


My insurance cards keep getting lost, and it’s upsetting. I have to order them from another state because I still receive insurance from my home state even though I’m going to college in another state. :frowning: I NEED THOSE. PLEASE JUST GIVE THEM TO ME, MAIL PEOPLE.


I understand my problems now. I am too good but also too bad. I gain people’s trust easily and they project their feelings and insecurities ect. onto me and I run into trouble because I don’t know how to handle it. And it’s okay because I make them feel safe but the problem arises when I act out of their expectations or roles ect.

This was the major problem I had with my step mom before she was ever my step mom. I have to find tools to run through all her ■■■■■■■■ because she would act like a drunk person who just had too much to drink and is “sobering up” and rage at me for no reason that I could discern at the time.


Another thought, this vape was a good decision. I haven’t wanted to smoke weed for hours yet. Yay!


@tukey…it’s tough decisions but don’t base anything on what us punters are thinking! You need to sort that out yourself!

Honestly. Your clever enough but I realize how hard it is to decide. You have your feet in both camps. I won’t tell you what because you need to make those decisions but old bf seems a little needy and not moving forward. You need to sort that out first before moving on! It’s better for you and him!

Yes. There’s way more to life than all those things…that is a smart move to realize that. Do what you think is right! I’d suspect old bf isn’t moving anywhere quickly too soon so you’ve some leeway there!


Haha thanks I will try to sort out my problems with people who are paid to listen but my bestie is on vacation, missed therapy appoinment and no support group. Maybe I’m talking too much. I feel like my problems are not that severe and are maybe even petty…


never petty. Your just doing what you need too!

As I’ve said before…your so young and it’s that desire to get into life I admire! It came late for me but your on the right track! It’s never, ever something to not ask about! It’s a great mob here and you’ll get there!

It’ll happen. Keep some patience…it can’t happen all today!


I’ve been laughing at this little clip for like 10 minutes now, and I wanted to share it with y’all


so i need to improve my knowledge of science for college, but i realized while doing physics equations that im not good enough at math to even do them. so im taking a step back and now working through algebra 1 and then algebra 2 and hope it helps me be able to do physics better


This is shaping up to be a rough night.


Are you ok @Tomasina ?? Is there anyway I can help?


Great to hear from you @Noise! How are you feeling these days?

Thank you for asking after me. That helps a lot!

I’m eating a high protein snack and it’s calming my nerves well.

I hope we can get some peace and feel better soon.


My sister and my cousin saved my ass money-wise yet again.
I feel bad for taking money from them, but at the same time, it makes me feel loved that they’re willing to help me.
(disclaimer: I’m not asking them for money to feel loved, that’s not what I’m saying)

My cousin is also giving me a ride to the family gathering in the beginning of next month, and I’m super psyched.
Once every 18 months, my dad’s side of the family (25-30 people) rent a location and have a 3-4 day long gathering. We have our own song that we sing, we have activities planned each day, but there’s also lots of time to just relax and spend time with each other.
We share the costs for the rent and the food, and on the last day, we “auction” the remaining food. The more well-doing family members seem to have an unspoken rule that they let those of us with little money have a go first, since the food is cheaper at the auction than in the stores.

I’m really looking forward to it, because I don’t get to see most of my family very often. I’m sure it’ll be a little draining, but I’ll bring extra meds. Shouldn’t be a problem.


I got to get back on the diet wagon.