:merperson:t5:🦖 Lucky 13 - Say Anything :one::three:


If it were still high school I would be that guy in the orange shirt lol


I’m just going to try to have a normal day today.

I’ve healed enough to probably go on a decent walk this morning and do some cleaning,

That’s my plan.

With everything that’s going on I need to maintain some normalcy.


I think my head will explode :boom: I have a headache



Yeah I share some things in common with a few of them that’s why it’s disconcerting. I’m gonna try to get over it though


It’ll all be alright!


My friend, the photographer, is trying to get into filming. I told her she can film me and my stuff for The Titan Games since my current camera guy is trash. I said she can use the editing program I do and that I can teach her how to edit, build a timeline, ect. This way it will be free for me and she learns something and so do I.


Didn’t know you were trying to get on TV,

Good luck, man!


Kick start my career with that no doubt.

If there’s money involved, I’ll be sure to give her a slice.


Got tired of seeing the same old YouTubes most popular videos being listed. So I took a look to see what YouTube recommends in other countries such a France, Russia, Italy, etc. A definite difference !


I’m thinking next week I’ll do a 5 day fast with only drinking water and tea (no milk or honey/sugar).

I’m doing pretty well with my weight loss, but I want a jump start.


Last day of orientation! I found out that I got paired with an elementary school student! I’m glad as they might be easier to handle than hs. I’m not sure I’m ready for full time work because even orientation is starting to exhaust me. I decided I need to start working on this dating thing. I need to have a serious talk with my current boyfriend about stepping up. I understand he has add but he told me he is too busy because he is moving in a while. I feel like it is just an excuse. He is always out of energy and rarely ever sees me even. I told him to see a doctor but he has not after 2 months. He never has time for anything, is always sleeping. Doctor says it might be depression, which I can forgive. Idk. My friend on vacation wants to skype chat tomorrow. She is a little sick of my dating problems and thinks I should go single for a while…,


I thought that Robot Wars had died out years ago, but it did come back. I spent yesterday watching tons of videos and some were spectacular.

Watching these is good for getting your mind off of any negativities.


I feel good
Thanks god
To thank god either by saying by tongue
, by heart by believing in him
And by body by prayer
Thank you god am glad you helped me


■■■■ it dude. I’m just going to keep shaving my head. no point in doing a combover, when I let it grow out I can feel it thinning. one less thing to think about.

my hat collection has been growing pretty quickly. I went from no hats to 8 hats in a couple months. I got plans for some golf appropriate hats now too, I’m going to need to find a place to put them


I can empathize @yaz1. I’m thinning out pretty bad on top. My most recent haircut looks kinda retro, It’s sort of long, like an early 80’s, John Lennon hairdo.

This is probably the last time I’m going to grow my hair out long though.

After this I’ll probably get a “Zero to 1” haircut, or like you just shave it all off. :v:


You guys shouldn’t let this hair thing bother you,

One of the sexiest dudes I know has barely any hair left.

Its all about confidence.


Haha. Thank you @goldenrex. It doesn’t stress me out a whole lot.

That’s pretty rad though. I have seen quite a few bald men who did look pretty handsome.


How’s Jimmy doing?


Oh he’s coming along rather well :blush: I can’t get him to pur though.

But he is eating a healthy amount, drinking lots of water, and walking around quite a bit.

I think whatever he caught is most likely gone by now.

How about you @goldenrex? How are you doing today?