:merperson:t5:🦖 Lucky 13 - Say Anything :one::three:


Now’s your chance.





No let’s go to 14… Seriously. No 13 thread. Someone make 14!!!


It’s coffee time


You can handle it. At this rate, we’ll run out of numbers.


I will drive to Ikea later and buy myself a makeup table!


This thread is already 1/2 black cats!


I’m really a Black Cat



I stayed home from work today. I keep missing so many days from work. I do a good job when I’m there, but I worry that they’re keeping track and I’ll lose my job at some point. I hope not. I love my job. I just can’t be there sometimes.


this is a cool cat


I am gonna buy this


I walked to the library today in an ice storm LOL.

Goodness, the things some nerds will do for their books :wink: :nerd: :stuck_out_tongue:


I napped most of the day, back to work tomorrow :frowning:


dude the weather is warming up. this may be my last transmission until November. i’ll still be around lurking on the forum liking stuff and occasionally posting on the selfie thread


I just came back from Costco.
I went with my brother and Dad.
It was overwhelming.
Glad I’m back home.


I hate going to Costco! Always very crowded!!


I think this one is way better and I will save 50$ on it


My desktop!


New Battlefield DLC is a buggy mess


I like snacking on licorice!!