Lucid dream I had

One night after reading C. Jung I had a dream that was more than just lucid. I was awake in the dream. I knew I was dreaming and kept expecting to awaken. I kept saying in amazement, I’m dreaming! I was with a group of people in a building, the details are not important, just that I was awake! And I was sleepy in the dream and fell asleep once and woke up in this world in my chair then after a little while went back to sleep and reentered the same lucid dream. I almost told someone he was dreaming as a joke but decided if I wanted to return I shouldn’t. I was f- n awake! but in a dream, twice. I woke up and saw Jung tell me to commit suicide because I had proof of the afterlife. I quit reading Jung because I once heard lucid dreaming was sorcery. Jung is dangerous anyhow, he was psychotic for awhile and believed a couple of his voices were not from his own consciousness. He was a womanizer too. I’m sure of these facts.

Carl Jung believed he had voices that were not of his own making AFTER his psychosis subsided. It’s too dangerous to go that deep into the subconscious mind. Nietzsche went mad doing that.

When I went psychotic my subconscious like leaked out into my real world. It wasn’t anything special and I for one don’t believe all the rubbish about the sub conscious. It’s all just smoke and mirrors and some silly behaivioral quirks. That is my two cents.

I don’t think its dangerous to lucid dream if that’s what you’re saying…but agree with the aspect of diving too deep into abstract thinking…like carl jung was a hippie/philosopher type person? I think it was more common too in the 60’s era to think it was cool to be a philosopher and do LSD…

My voices have been trying to kill me since 1992 and while I’ve felt extraordinarily bad I’m rational today and don’t think it’s necessary. I don’t believe I really saw C. Jung. I think it may be the disease of addiction that wants me dead. I have a drug past though it’s been 26 years since I used an illegal drug. Seroquel was like a drug to me because I could languish in my bed for hours after waking up. I am extraordinarily sensitive to Seroquel. Zyprexa gave me a lot of intoxicating sleep too, though I still take 2.5 mg for sleep.

My f-n imagination is so clever that I just can’t get over dwelling on voices. If I ever use LSD again I KNOW I’d commit suicide. I used it last on January 1, 1987, and it was very bad batch of something terrible. I was hospitalized 2 weeks later. I don’t think LSD is a treatment even under doctor’s care for schizophrenia, but then I don’t know the sh@t I used was always some other kind of junk fake LSD. I saw Timothy Leary speak on the subject at a university before he died and he said LSD has not been made since the early nineteen seventies. I saw an old video on YouTube say that a schizophrenic mind produces a similar chemical to mescaline, but it was an old 1950’s film.

As far as sleep goes I’m grateful I could sleep off my illness those years my depression was so incredibly severe. I have nothing against sleep, believe me, but at my age I need to only sleep 8 hours a night.

I’ve never used LSD I dont think…I never will. I’m committed to not use any sort of drugs/marijuana/or alcohol for the rest of my life…the risks just aren’t worth it…

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