Lucid dream and help

So yesterday, I was hallucinating really heavily and started hearing voices. I turned myself around and tumbled here and there, but I realized I was dreaming. I woke up and it was 4:00am with my dog snoring beside me.

This is my first time lucid dreaming. What a weird experience…

Also I could use some help…I’m really depressed and I just want to hurt myself.

I think you need some excitement, some stimulation. Auditory excitement helps me when I feel so bland - some music, perhaps. Or maybe, play with your dog. The world is real, dreams are something to come out of and in a way, I’d rather ignore them.

My dogs are sleeping at the moment, unless I lure them with food.
I’m just…so sad. Like I feel everything is my fault.
Thank you for being here.

Somethings are our fault, but we are social beings and we are often reacting to the influence of others maybe not even realizing it. It’s like saying it requires a crowd to commit a crime. Just apologize when you can, otherwise, let it go and move on.

Never try to remember or analyze your dreams, you shouldn’t focus on them at all, they consume great amounts of energy,

You have more positive subjects to think about,

I had this lucid dreams when I was on lithium,

I can’t apologize to my ex-boyfriend because he’s in Canada.

I’ll carry my burden until I die.

I’m never dating again. Can’t hurt another person.

asldkfjaslkdfj;lkjkljdfskl I really hate myself.

not really sure why I’m not being punished enough yet

He’s probably gotten over you and gone on his merry way. I wouldn’t overestimate the damage you did to him. That’s just delusion.

I just can’t understand why I’m so horrible
like i just think i’m always being hated by everyone because I’ve done something in the past
or like I’m just inherently a bad person
why am I so horrible

Well, I tended to think like that because I had ill tempered parents. Kids are always getting into trouble and if they’re not corrected in a kind way, they easily get the idea they are bad people.

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