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Lu AF35700 Trial


Hi is anyone on the forums in the Lu AF35700 phase 3 trial? Im quite excited about this drug since im treatment resistant and wanna hear all about it, if you have some info lemme know.


These are Lundbeck trials that end in 2018 and 2019:

Treatment resistant phase 3 trial

Lundbeck flexible dose phase 3


Does anyone know about the side effect profile on this drug?
Also it says that it received FDA fast track status
But the 3phase will take 3 years.
If it succeeds, how long will it take?


3 to four years ,!!!


Damn son! For real??
That’s a long time to wait


@far_cry0. What are the side effects supposed to be like? Any idea?


3 or four year in us may be 10 years in Nepal …!!
Nope nothing they said till now…!!! All Aps are subjected to Weight gain and other …!!!
Hope this has little side effect profile …!!


It seems to be the closest one to coming out.
Especially since ITI-007 failed.
Are there any others that you know of?


From what I’ve read sfx on this drug are supposed to be better than clozapine but still present. This one is supposed to antagonize D1 a lot more.


Min 101 from minerva neuro science !!! It has passed it 2nd phase may be in 2020 we could see it…!!
Another is sep856 it has finished it 1st phase it was also supposed to treat negative symptoms…!!!


Bump! Im still interested to know if anyone is in the study?