Lower state of consciousness

It’s kinda weird. I feel like my brain is in between the consciousness of being asleep (dreaming) and being awake. It’s like I live in a dream state during the day but somewhat am conscious like I’m awake. Comment below if you feel similar or have any input.

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It’s not happening now, perhaps my body is saturated by risperdal but two months ago I would have agreed that it feels like that. In my case, I felt like I was watching my life but was disconnected from reality. It just didn’t feel real, like there was this invisible string tying me to that reality, holding on for the ride and being pulled along

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i had it in the morning years ago, i think it was meds total sedation

My perceptions are all screwed up. I don’t know if I am seeing people correctly. Sometimes I see people like they’re perfect. Or harmless. And I kind of get lulled into being comfortable around them. Other times I see everybody as dangerous. Sometimes it seems like I live in the subconscious, just waiting for people to let me awake. Waiting for the moment I can join life. Sometimes it seems like, “there’s everybody else”… "and then there’s me…