Low sex drive....visit a strip works

low sex drive…visit a strip club…it works

I used to visit strip clubs in my younger days. Nowadays I’m not interested that much anymore and I do not have the money for it now anyway.

Were Is wenkey. shes poll dancing.

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ha My buddy took me to a strip club once and blew a lot of money on a girl that was lap dancing with me but I was on risperdal and couldn’t get aroused…the girl asked my friend…“what’s wrong with your friend???” I just tried to explain it was my meds…I don’t think she believed me…haha

That sounds like a nightmare haha I would have ran out of there fast with embarrassment lol, never been to a strip club, never seen a hooker,

When I was in my twenties my friend took me to a bar he liked to go to where the waitresses took turns strolling up and down on the bar itself while topless. There was no physical contact allowed though. But we were sitting at the bar sipping drinks and my friend (who also happened to be schizophrenic) leaned over and told me, “Hey, slip one of these girls a nice tip and buy her a drink and you can get with her”. He had been in the navy for awhile and he had traveled and he knew when places like these were crooked.

The girls weren’t even supposed to talk to customers but a cute girl was in front of me and I did what he said and the girl smiled and said something friendly to me and waited for my next move. But all the other customers who were older men got hostile and angry at us because the girl was being friendly to us and because we were breaking the rules and I think they were jealous too so even though the girl seemed willing, we had to give up.

Now the time I went to a topless Bar Vitztma is a whole other story that you’ll have to wait for.

Or massage parlor lol

I always desensitize pretty quickly in places like that. Table dances get me aroused, but just a naked girl, that doesn’t work for me. I guess I am jaded.

If you’ve seen one naked elbow, you’ve seen them all.


Or a farm. Ei, Ei, OH!!

I haven’t been to a strip club in about 10 years. I’m too cheap to pay money hungry girls

For the women, I don’t think a strip club would help with sex drive but it might help with some laughs. Strip clubs for straight women (where the strippers are guys) seem to be hilarious based on pics and stories from some women I have known in the past. They went to one and they had a thing they called the “electric chair” which was like a porch chair with flashing Christmas lights wrapped around it. And one chosen lady from the audience would sit in the “electric chair” while a stripper of her choice would dance around her. In the recorded clips from their phones, the audience is just screaming with drunken laughter. I get the impression strip clubs for women are a different sort of experience than strip clubs for men lol. So not sure about libido, but might give you gals a few laughs.

Sex is vastly overrated in this country. What do you want to get aroused for? Why get all hot and bothered? You end up wanting to masturbate. Then, when you do, you feel totally defeated.