Low pulse (Bradychardia)

I was checking my oxygen levels with a finger meter and it also tests your pulse.
My pulse was on the low side, it measured between 58 and 63 switching back and forth from these numbers.

I googled the info and it states that any number below 60 is Bradychardia, a low heart rate.

I take a beta blocker every day so now I’m thinking that my dose could be too high.
Beta blockers slow down your heart rate.

Hope it’s not the Risperdal or Depakote causing this.

Regardless I’m going to call my family doctor on Monday about it.

Many times I feel very cold and my body temperature will drop and I experience some shortness of breath.

These could be symptoms of a low pulse.


It’s definitely a good idea to ask your doctor about this.


The device is called a pulse oximeter I’m pretty sure.

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