Low motivation in eating

I have no motivation to eat… I get this a lot. Food is not too appealing to me anymore. I really need to eat. But having low interest in eating.

Sometimes the act of eating grosses me out.

Maybe anorexia.

Anyone alike?


I have the opposite problem, since being on meds I eat too much, gained 160lb. Before sz I was 135-140lb.

I can relate to that.

When I was on invega sustenna I gained 10 lbs in a week. It was a bit overwhelming really. It took me like half a year to lose it.


I feel dizzy and irritable if I dont eat too much, maybe its diabetes.

Yeah… that sounds like something to do with blood sugar levels

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I work in a kitchen, and the smell of these japanese food makes me disgusted and nauseous

I’m 5ft 6in tall and am 114lbs.

Ive lost 26 pounds since I’ve moved to Japan 7 months ago. I’m under weight


I don’t have much motivation for eating either.
Most of the day I just take small sips of a sugary drink to keep my bloodsugar from dropping


I commented on this kn the other thread but yeah I relate hardcore. For me though it was related to psychosis I think and sensory issues.

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Me too… I drink coffee and sweet beverages and snack some donuts :confused:

Mine is a bit post psychosis also… had some delusions about eating for a long time and it reminds me of it.

Good needs to be fresh also… it triggers flashbacks of going through trashes when living on the street

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Sometimes I’ll see eating as a pain in the ass. Because cooking and cleaning is a Pain in the ass.

You need to snack on something if food doesn’t interest you. Like I eat peanuts through out the day cuz it keeps me stable.


I know it’s hard. sometimes I will go almost all day before I finally eat. I find that good smells help me with my appetite. Things like cinnamon and vanilla can trigger it. You can try burning a candle and see if that helps.

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Snacking is a must really… I mostly eat mini donuts I buy at the corner store and bananas. But when it gets bad I almost binge like a savage😶

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Are you unable to eat @Abise? Are you too stressed being in Japan?

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That is a good idea!

The aroma of a lit cinnamon candles do rather make me hungry come and think about it…

I used to light them and indents also, but some how ditched the habit along the way some where😕

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Like others have said - Eat little and often. Even if its a bowl of cereal, or a choccy bar or a banana.

I had a low appetite due to the stomach shrinking and the boozing.

Try to get your protein in - Couple of boiled eggs? Protein improves your mood.


No not eating too much…

Not particularly enjoying my stay in Japan. Never thought I would move here to be honest.

But I’ve moved around locations a few times in my life, so I try to perceive this as another one of my sporadic flits…

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I’m sorry to hear that. I’d try to eat little bits throughout the day, like hourly since you can’t eat much.

What brought you to Japan?

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I get like this sometimes. Someone’s advice was to eat really plain food. It worked for me.