Low-dose quetiapine induced or worsened mania in the context of possible undertreatment

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At doses of 400mg - 800mg -Seroquel XR - the long acting version that I was on, starts having effective antipsychotic/mood stabilization properties. This is the usual dose range for Bipolar and Schizophrenia - even as maintenance treatment.

For depression the dose is 300mg - but this varies as well.

Anything under 300 mg is usually for anxiety and/or insomnia

With this said - I agree with @Erratica - antipsychotics are highly individualized medications.
One should be on the lowest most effective dose for them - I can tell you at 100 mg of Seroquel XR not regular Quetiapine, I started to feel a sense of calm and it had good anti anxiety properties, and t was great for sleep.
When I reached 300 mg - it was good for my depression and anxiety, and it started to have some mood stabilizing properties for me, but not enough. 300 mg was the highest dose I was on.
I dont think that my pdoc will put me on Seroquel XR since it raised my blood glucose levels too high too quickly, and it messed up my thyroid levels.

I did enjoy the anti anxiety, calming affect I received from Seroquel XR - but I dont think that I will be taking it, anytime soon.

I totally agree with this statement -

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