Low dose high dose

When I was on 20 mg Olanzapine and 4 mg Resperidone I was positive

and THE STUPIDITY is to worry about SIDE EFFECTS and lower the dose.

I forgot that it was good life, yes I completely forgot, I don’t remember or recollect

And then low dose this low dose that

and finally back to high dose and problem solved.


Go hell with side effects… manage them in some other way like eating less and good food.


Yes it was HELL

Low dose was so much better for me. If I was faced with the choice of taking 40 mg of Haldol a day again and living on the street, I would choose the street hands down. I would almost rather have a broken leg without pain killers than take that much Haldol again.

Glad you found the right dose for you.

I am on 2.5 mg of Risperdal, which is considered a pretty low dose.

I can probably use some more medication, maybe go as high as 3 mg but I cannot stand the side effects.