Low calorie BAD ADVICE, get your fill!

What’s your question?

I have dry mouth. How do I un-dry it?

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Should i waste money on a lotto ticket?


Lays chips or Doritos?

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@Pikasaur- drink vinegar, Romans swore by it.

@anon39015889- no, buy two

@anon94176359 - ALL THE LAYS AND DORITOS

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It bugs having to leave the house to go to the doctor’s so I can get my prescription.

I was thinking of going back to university to study medicine and become a doctor so I could just write my own prescription and not leave the house.

Do you have any advice?


medical malpractice, take the money or sue them for the hell of it? :wink:

What’s the best way to prepare liver and fava beans with a nice Chianti?


@everhopeful med school takes too long. Just get a pirate copy of Photoshop and make your diplomas and degrees. Then write the prescription.

@labratmat- take all the money, then sue.



rinse the beans. Then put in a pan to warm, add a sprinkle of rosemary to marry the beans with liver.

Gently sautee the liver in a red wine reduc

Now plate the beans and liver. Drizzle so.e of the pan sauce over it all.

Now gently. tip your plate sideways over the trash. Scrape it clean


My gp practice lets you reorder prescriptions over the phone or online.

Then they automatically send the prescription over to the chemist and they text me when it is ready.

In fact I think the chemist even delivers

I might make enquiries to see if I can do something like that. That sounds like a great system.

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I’m itchy. Should I scratch back?

@Pikasaur get someone else to do it. Embrace the lazy

I want my Masters degree but I have no idea if I will be able to pay it off. Should I go for it?

@Air you could go the Photoshop route like @everhopeful and his phd.


What do I need to do to lose weight?

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I have a babysitter tomorrow night. How shall I spend my night alone?

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@Happy_H - Stop dieting. Become a hunter\gatherer. Looking for foodwill burn calories.

@ninjastar go use McDonald’s wifi in the parking lot while binging on Big Macs and shame.


Lost all friends.Feeling bad.Should I search for new ones?