Lovely note

I recieved an anonomous love note at work yesterday. If it wasn’t for my anhedonia I would propably be excited and happy.

Someone wrote a note and left it on my desk. I have no clue what so ever who it could be.

I’m married though. Everyone at work knows it.


Are you going to report it? I think you should.

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I would be a little agitated for it’s anonymous and I’m not sure what the person wants.

If it’s anonymous it’s harmless. Tell your husband about it and let it be good for your ego, means someone really appreciates you :slight_smile:

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I showed my husband the note. He smiled.


No. I won’t report it. It’s harmless. I don’t know who wrote it. It’s another thing if I get harrassed by love letters. Then I have to report it. This was innocent.

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It goes somewhat like this:
Love is nice, I saw you and fell in love today.

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Comatose, you are very attractive because you look really smart, energetic and loving. :smile:

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