Loved ones that are ashamed of you?

Do you have loved ones that are ashamed of you?

My brothers are ashamed/embarrassed of me.

Hope my bf isn’t .

Apparently I wrote something embarrassing on Facebook when I was as I was and now they will not add me as s friend/contact because they are embarrassed and ashamed of me.

For not being productive enough and for being as I am…

They do not respect me and may not think highly of me but the contrary.

Itzzz “I do not know her”…


I have had paranoia of my family and loved ones.

My behaviour has been horrid although it was not me others were doing it in my body etc

Maybe in spirit I can be with loved ones
It is not impossible


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Let them not be “friends” for now and be at peace with it.
They may come around later on and realize you are fine just being you


My family supports me a lot in general. But, some time ago, I had a girlfriend who was ashamed of me. At the end the thing was going well, but after a few months I got worse and she could not stand it. She took me for weird and silly. So, I decided I was not as wonderful as I thought.
You can not stop people from seeing you in a concrete way. But you can choose who to be with. I do not usually be bad most of the time, but a person who does not support you in the low moments is not worth it.
I think the family is different, you can not choose.


Pretty much all of them just about.

Just came in from a walk outside and found my brother and mother talking about me.

They tried to play it off, but I know…


I sometimes worry that I am putting a burden on my brother and my sister. They don’t say anything about it if I am.

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I have some supportive family. And some not so supportive. I figure I’ll just avoid the non supportive ones.

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I think my family used to be ashamed of my behaviour until I was diagnosed. Now they know it’s the diagnosis that sometimes causes me to act inapropriately, they seem more relaxed about me and less worried now.

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And I have severed them from my life.

One of the best decisions I could make for my own happiness and sanity.

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