Love the Way You Lie (Schizophrenia Remix)- Willy G

I did this song after reading ‘Rethinking Madness’ by Paris Williams. I was feeling like I should be allowed to come off meds properly by the Doctors here in Ireland. I felt like I should at least be able to get them reduced. I felt oppressed and i didnt feel like I was being heard, so I made this song! Hope you enjoy it…

I released it free (for non profit use), its dodgy but rappers have been doing this for years so I dont think I broke any copyright laws.

In Ireland, you very rarely hear of anyone diagnosed with Schizophrenia getting tapered off meds. Theres even an attitude that you have to be on meds for life at high doses and no support other than one hearing voices group in a town near me.
Its basically the doctors way or the high way. I realise the subject of coming off meds is a controversial topic but the book, ‘Rethinking Madness’ highlighted the dangers of them, namely cutting 10 years off your life span as I mention in the second verse, and more. Williams included many success stories of recovery in the book too.

I am very easily influenced by books, so I had the attitude of wanting to get med free, but now I would just like to have a reduction. I am on 2 antipsychotics, Abilify (pills) and Xeplion (Injection), and I reckon I could function ok at a much lower dose. I feel like my nurses are stopping me seeing the psychiatrist too, as they dont want me to become potentially psychotic again after a med reduction.

I also experience very little symptoms and I am generally ok. I often wonder if I really do have Schozphrneia or Complex PTSD with Psychosis, because I have been though some traumatic things. , I could go on for days, but let me know what you think of the song, thanks!


Its good. Did you have to get Rihanna’s permission to do it? I like her music.

I take high doses of antipsychotics too. I have tried coming down and got symptomatic. Your doctor should let you try it. Just ask.

Good mix.

The grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence until you get there.

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yeah man im worried about the psychosis comin back, last time i went psychotic i had been smoking weed for months, and it didnt send me psychotic like the doctors said it would so i naturally thought, i mustnt be schizophrenic, and stopped taking my meds. then i went crazy.

if i hadve realised im not going crazy because the antipsychotics are countering the effects of the thc then i wouldve been ok.

you live and you learn. the only problem i have is that i am 18 and a half stone wieght on the meds and everytime i try to come off them myself i lose all that weight and revert to a normal 11 or 12 stone.

thats the main reason i want my meds at least reduced is to lose weight.

It’s trade offs. Yes we feel differently when on meds but when off meds we think differently, e Perrin was and feel differently. Make two lists and compare them. Then decide.

good advice, ive done that before and i always want to stick with the security of the meds to keep me sane out of fear.

i wish i could just get to a low dose and keep it there but our practice doesnt have a doctor at the moment, once we do I will inquire about lowering them.

a friend of mine has had his meds reduced recently and is doing ok.

One of my triggers is bin laden. I went off meds years ago and within a week the news was filled with the taking down of bin laden. I relapsed immediately. It took many months to get back to the same level of remission after that relapse. That’s just an example… it’s happened other times. That’s the issue with lowering your meds… it makes you far more susceptible to relapse.

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right i hear you , but the book claimed that relapse rates were much lower on no meds instead of on meds, i am not sure wether its true or just a bit of antipsychiatry though, what do you think?

I don’t have the guts to leave my meds since the world I lived in before when there was no meds was absolutely terrible. Call me a chickenshit I’m staying on meds. I think the book is crap. Lots of people write about stuff they have no actual experience with. Maybe this is the case.

I think the goal for some psychiatrsts atleast here is to get you on the lowest yet effective dose with the least side effects. kind of common sense.

yeah man i think your right, best to stay on meds. but i might get them lowered. i am on 150 mg of Xeplion injection, thats the highest dose and its bad cuz it goes down doses in 50 mgs so theres 150 mg, 100mg and 50mg, im also on abilify though.

i forgot to take my meds for 3 days a few months ago because my sleep pattern was ■■■■■■ up and I almost went psychotic. if it wasnt for the Xeplion in my system help me relalise the psychosis wasnt real, i wouldnve went completely psychotic.

so While i want to lower the dose , Im split between a low dose of both antipsychotics, and just one.

I think you’re on the right track. You demonstrate insight into your illness and that’s necessary to make good decisions.

I liked the song, the harsh remark: the sound is not clearer enough. I like the cover to.

You emulated Eminem’s flow well which could be good, but you could also change up the flows to make it more unusual and your own. That’s what I’d do. The beats never are written for 1 flow. Good lyrics. I like your voice and u felt like u really spit. I rap too, so cool for us :sunglasses:

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