Love the comes Halloween!

It won’t be long and it will be heavy Fall weather in October…no more mowing the lawn…no more flies and mosquitos…just looking forward to it so much !! It’s my favorite season…and I hope to be going to a Halloween party this year at a friend’s house here in town…I learned a wicked looking way to show a slit throat with make up and I can’t wait…!! haha


It sounds like you’re going to have a wonderful time. I have a hard time this time of year because I start to get anxious and depressed but I’m doing ok I think and I love the colors of Autumn and the falling leaves and the way they blow in the wind.


check out my door bell for halloween


would u find it nice if for example someone slit ur throat, would u be making fun of it every year at halloween? I just dont see any fun in what halloween stands for?

man has a need to feel , fear i guess. so much we spend time making fun of it.

I wish I had a Halloween party to go to. I want to dress up as a witch although it is not a very original idea. My whole delusion is that I am being hexed so turn about is fair play on Halloween.


My sister invited me over to her Halloween get together this year. My mom will be out of the country during Halloween so our party won’t be as big as usual. Still, I’m looking forward to spending time with my sister. She asked that I dress up as Shaggy from Scooby Doo because my nephew will dress like Scooby Doo. It won’t be hard to find a green t shirt and some beige or brown pants. I think I can pull off looking like an obese version of Shaggy.:rofl:

Here is a photo of the house last year.

This year it might look more scary.



People got some decorations up allready. I thought I saw something move, but maybe I was hallucinating. They get pretty crazy around Halloween sometimes, maybe I will stay inside and hand out candy to the 1 or 2 people that might show.


This is amazing. :smile:


My brother in law’s favorite holiday is Halloween. He gets super excited about it. The way he celebrates it, I don’t blame him. He makes Halloween a memorable day.

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I can’t wait for more fall-like weather. This week, we’ll have one day in the 90’s! I live in the NE, so what’s up with that?! I have Halloween kitchen towels somewhere, if I can find them. I really want to go all out and dress up like a flapper, but I feel like I’m too fat now. :frowning:

Fall is so beautiful! I love the cooler weather. I love wearing warm sweaters and jeans. I love pumpkin spice anything lol.
As far as Halloween, it used to be more fun when the kids went trick or treating. Now we just watch scary movies while giving candy out to the few kids we get. I appreciate how some people go all out on Halloween decorations.


Fat schmat. Dress how you want and ignore ignorant people. Most people will love it!


I am sorry I said that I was going to have a slit throat make up…now that I think about it…it’s totally not me at halloween…I like the comical costumes…I used to always be Captain Kirk from Star Trek in college parties on Halloween. people laughed their heads off…I would goof off on Captain Kirk…“wait Spock…I…have an idea…” stuff like that…

@jukebox, there is nothing wrong with a slit throat costume. If that’s what you want to do then go for it! I’ve done that before, and an axe through the head and other crazy stuff.

Halloween is about being creative! Sometimes I go for a gory costume that shocks, sometimes I go for funny, sometimes I go for badass and cool, and sometimes I go for downright scary. It’s all in the fun!


My best halloween costume was my head, face cut in Half and sewn back together using my eyeliner pencil it was pretty epic I’d say.

I like your slit throat idea sounds fun


well I also figures I would have to probably run the tape completely around my neck for about all my neck to make it work so the tape would stay on. too much uncomfortableness I think. I think I will go as ace frehley from kiss…

I would say I now hate Halloween but there is such a thing as sugar free candy.

Oh my gosh. I did it; I ordered a dress, accessories, and fishnet stockings. I can’t believe I did it. Never thought I’d ever actually get to be a flapper for Halloween!