Love PTSD,

Whom of you got PTSD because of a broken relationship or a terminated love?

I was never diagnosed as having PTSD but I display all of the symptoms.

I was wondering if you can get PTSD from having severe panic disorder as a child.

Does anyone know?

If it was abusive then yes. Otherwise I would think not.


I don’t know, but that’s a really good question. Do you have flashbacks to the panic attacks?

Wow! You’ve stumped me.

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Yeah sometimes I do.

You may have anxiety about having them earlier… I just don’t know… sorry

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That’s ok, thanks anyway Trish.

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Yeah I agree with @TomCat.
You can develop PTSD with an abusive relationship.


I thought I was maybe in love with this guy. But idk. he’s always around cos he’s friends with relatives of mine. I do not think it’s necessarily ptsd but it’s something that happened to me when I found out he got married.
Emotions can be confusing

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