Love Never Dies

The skyline was so beautiful sunny and bright and the deepest color blue space softens the world is too quiet between me and all i wanted to be with my forever guy the one truth i thought i knew
Like that seashell i picked up on jersey shore that stopped me from leaving my mind so far behind again

Had a dream a coin fell down from the pearlescent clouds above a friend and i were chilling feeling unwanted lazily on the streets
She said that you must know what this means
He is there right around the corner
That is you there miss indian princess warrior
You will soon meet your one true love

I picked up the coin and mentioned the weather
Just then it started raining from azure lights of mystery-or whatever We are all still here together standing up against the night resisting authority
Like the ocean of her eyes staring
Inside the immaculately painted window
She said on the other side is your lover
Just turn the pictures over so we flipped the coin

Faulty stars guide us all the way across borderlines and bridges facing anew musical journey or something like this place once lonely ages ago

You know what this means
No more missed opportunities this time its for real
Someday soon we will meet at the middle in the fray
Leaving our dancing footsteps across those grey horizons echos of laughter dancing in our churches
Joining hands my warrior prince’s hands in hands of light he will know how to find me and my life how I can

Conquer this waking wonderland dream of riddles and a little bit of being asleep but still alive drunk on Sunday discarded disasters the finest wine he wanted oxygen to breathe in life after his blessings began to become guidelines for the curiosities and countless citizens circling the world

Accepted finally by these gravitational waves many lifetimes from home this time the constraints fall away and everything begins to become more independent true and free and subsequently sublime maybe this is what they deserved all along to not feel pain watching the birds happy to be happy no need for kings or queens just curious cause we circled infinity infinitely for this game

Justify joy just to fly back and forth fly forward with me pass this simulated test and to go forward at last flying forth forever watching from up here touching down for your work is never done we are not landing never as long as these lyrics are willing to carry on just like the others like the weathermen we enjoy playing with elements provide our higher powers all they need to know and the one knocking on the other side of the door you must know that you have done the impossible you can and you will because you’re worth it when the cure for a cold could be a simple pill like a placebo’s natural magic between you and me we found the cure for an impossible disease

Its past time for making things right its truly tragic we can only regret making mistakes our future is driverless as if it was driven away by all these years and dangerous ways driving each other away from what its supposed to be praying for those prized feathered wings elegantly dressed up for the funeral ignoring popular warnings to assume more a status of matured grade

Watching the skeletons as they parade across my mansion of doom of infinite rooms for the ghosts of everyone and everything i ever knew these galleries abandoned theaters to watch movies and wars for the youth candy magical dreams expositions of energy and the meaning of it all just confused projections on a see through wall. Maybe i will give you the opportunity he says maybe i will try to love you after all.

By Gabrielle Bryant 8/15/22


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