Love means extinction

Laughed my arse off when i saw that.

Love would make us go extinct!

Psychopathy is the only thing that would keep this ■■■■ going.


Love is the only thing that can save us.

Dinosaurs were proven to be very passionate and romantic.

So long as love is "being with what is in relationship (along with some really distracting hot sex), I agree.

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I was thinking more of the “agape” type of love - universal personhood and all that. I think love for humanity, in all its tragic forms, is what we need to survive. That, combined with the system of checks and balances, is what makes the world go round.

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So long as it isn’t blind love, I’m down with you here.

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Love for humanity would mean extinction.

No one that loves us would see us go through this and just die repeatedly. Not to the mention the daily agonies of this place.

The large majority of all of this is pain and death. Thats most of it, all of it and always has been.

Love means extinction. Think of it like this. If i loved my kid id never put them in this awful situation where they would mostly suffer and then just die after a short time.

However, someone that didn’t care would keep it going. Who cares if they do nothing but hurt and die so keep it going.

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With some of the churches teaching the psychopathy stuff, not good…Listen to one lady say her church demanded her man go to church to deal with his mental problem and give up mental care or they have to mess him up…Some of the churches are even demanding their members screw up their employers or screw customers for not being ‘christian’, really ‘anti-christian’. When I start to see this, better to leave or you go broke…Whole city goes bad around these if you get too many. When the churches are showing unethical stuff, LEAVE.

Parents usually love their children and so hate the suffering of sz.
Its demons that torment the world and tempt people to do the bad stuff.

I believe God is love. Therefore people that kill others claiming to do so for God are liars.

Eh, I can’t make up my mind.

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True love is exceptional It’s like living with your best friend all the time. There is nothing better than loving and being loved in return. It is unconditional.