Love Is Unconditional

These words were put on a diamond commercial where it showed guys giving women diamond rings and getting kissed for it. Well I have a more accurate commercial idea with the same heading. A guy robs a jewelry store and gives the diamond ring to his girlfriend. Since the guy didn’t pay for it there are no conditions for her love.


I love my husband and he’s poor. When he asked me to marry him it was with a cubic zirconia fake ring. I said yes without hesitation. Not all women have conditions on love


When I got married my husband asked me what I was doing and I said “going to Reno to get married do you want to come?” He said ok and that’s how we got married, I paid for the ring. It was at a pawn shop for $250. I spent $500 gambling that day. lol


Glad to hear it can happen. So much of what the popular culture seems to indicate otherwise.

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You are a good woman. :blush:

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There is the Canterbury Tales where the Wife of Bath introduces herself before her tale and says that she married her first few husbands for money and made money herself making clothes and selling them. Her last husband though she married for love. I was always without a car, a place I owned, and often lived with my Mother. Yet there was one woman who offered a car ride a single time and one who offered herself. I was so subconscious of my inadequacy I refused to respond. I wish I had now.

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If love was truly unconditional people wouldn’t waste money on diamond rings.


The diamond ring and it’s history can be a symbol of love on the part of the giver, rather than a request for the other person’s love. You’ve got to be genuine.

Thanks @LevelJ1

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There are nice women out there, but I think I’m going to wait until I’ve obtained my first contract as a freelance web designer before I try getting too serious with anyone at the apartments I’m going to.

I think it’s a thing that most women want a guy that’s doing a little better than them financially, but I don’t hate them for that.

There was someone from my old church that liked me, she was nice, but I think she thought I was going to get a good job and give her children.

She married a guy that was a little older and I’m genuinely glad she’s happy.

Tbh I think it’s often more “I respect the things you’ve done.” than “Hands up! Give me your cash!”

But sometimes people can be really nasty to unemployed men and that’s not ok.

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I may have seen it. A bit materialistic but they were trying to sell diamond rings.

Thing is-What the hell can you do with the thing but look at it?

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