Love is the hardest addiction I ever had to kick

We start so young and fall in love our hearts to skip a beat we grammar upon the beauty the body of beneath our feet two lovers walk hand-in-hand a Moonlight stroll through life end the end the end the war was lost love was all that cost


I was read an article on BBC by Nick Cave talking about love and grief.

He’s now lost 2 sons

It was interesting how he spoke about the sacrifice of loving is that you open yourself up to grieving

His story is sad. A 15 year old son of his died at the bottom of a cliff high off LSD, and his 30 year old son who just got dx’d with SZ is now dead


yes i fell young too. twice. the world was beautiful. wslking across town on a summer day. being told we had a rare thing. it was gold. but i paid in pain in my 20s for that.

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Love is clingy, rather do without. Some people seen me as a possesion. No way, never ever again. Happy single it stays.


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