Love is such a killing thing

Even Soulmates can lose the lack of love. I should know. My marriage ended years ago. And having many wives. You think by now my heart would grow cold. I wouldn’t have a heart at all. But I have forgiven most everything that I have ever done with a loved one. And now time has been cruel. And I’m left to die all alone. Don’t tell me that love is not a killing thing. She did it to me yesterday. There’s no one left in my life. I’ll just fade away.


We all die @DrZen . I have no kids and no wife. But I will enjoy as much as I possibly can while I’m here and not dwell on death. I will leave my financial and physical assets to my sister and nieces and nephew. If I don’t burn through it all before I die that is.

I am sorry that you are down though. I will be just as alone as you are when my parents die as my sister has her own family. It is what it is.

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Yeah, dying alone is tough; it will most likely happen to me too. But it’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.

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