Love is a pain in the ass

If I can smile thru the pain, I can consider myself doing well.

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I’m having a painful day as well.

I tried to make a point at the following website, that 2.2 Billion is bigger a number than 10 million, but the only response so far is a negative one.

Status ( -1 )
Status ( -2 ) Feb 17, 2014
Status ( 0 ) Feb 18, 2014, but since things were picking up, they put it [ ON HOLD ] just hours later.

negative answer or no answer?

No. I said a negative response.

What answers will appear, if any, as you imply, is another matter all together. It should be a laugh though.

So far, the number of views is pretty pathetic. If one person gives it ( - ) negative rating, then others usually don’t even both to have a look for themselves. Many people think that it is right for others to think for them. Thus they respond in this way.

Well, what was the “repsonse”?

[quote=“chordy, post:5, topic:2961, full:true”]
Well, what was the “repsonse”?
[/quote] Some bold, yet “Anonymous” person, gave the following response.

" First, it’s unclear what you’re asking. Second, the Christianity.SE is not Christian Bible Study or Devotionals. Third, there are so many effects that Christianity has on the world, and vice versa, and it’d take a whole book, or a volume of books, to include ALL of them. So, I’m going to flag it as “too broad”. – Anonymous "

In other words, bla bla bla, to thus avoid the question which is very simple and straight forward.

Love is difficult for me due to my over-thinking and schizo-personality…

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Love is a big enough challenge without Sz in the mix.
There are many kinds of love to know and share, so why do so many choose the one they have the least of, rather than celebrate the most abundant?

It’s not who loves you that counts the most, but who you love.

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I don’t think I’ve ever been in love with someone. I’ve had crushes, but never had someone to call mine or to be theirs. I really want to experience it, but my issues get in the way of getting close to people. If I ever met anyone patient enough to deal with me and my quirks, I’d be very lucky.