Love him, yes. Live with him, no

Just reviewing a few men who I dare say I liked.

I heard that in Japan they figured out a really long time ago, that sleeping in separate beds is good for marriage.

After trying to share a bed with someone else for a long time, and the resulting neurotic rage and sleep deprivation, I must say the Japanese are geniuses.

My mom always said that once you live with someone, you figure out all the things they’ve hidden from you. hehehhee. Kinda true sometimes. Good luck with the men

The first time I literally slept with someone we awoke back to back. I can’t stand having someone fall asleep all cuddled up with me, feels like being buried alive for christs sake. Unless you’re a cat, my cat occasionally falls asleep on or between my legs and I with no problem don’t move a muscle until I fall asleep. I don’t get it, person, suffocation, cat, okay fine.

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