Love has reasons

It isn’t some magical, mystical feeling. It has reasons. Not wanting to be loved is a misunderstanding. It really means you don’t want to be used. Mature love is being useful without too much resentment.


Words to live by. I’ve been thinking in a similar vein recently.

And conditions.

“Love is never having to say you’re sorry”.

I never understood that. I thought it was admirable to be strong enough to apologize for doing something hurtful to someone.

Maybe most typical cases of human love does. But divine love is without reason.

Epilepsy - Light- Ecstasy - Seizure

What am I saying with that? Just something I looked up about Fyodor and his “madness”.

“They show me so many beautiful things…”
“They make fun of me because I know the truth.”

Personally, I don’t really think love is as complicated as people make it out. It’s just that the culture is so demanding. I wouldn’t expect much more from someone else other than their presence. Just allow ourselves to be drowned in love.

A simple smile and the warmth of companionship - that’s all.

“For richer or poorer.” - But those words these days aren’t as sacred as they used to be. If you’re poor, you’re worthless to just about everyone. It’s not something that brings them closer together anymore, but keeps people apart or away altogether.

And they wonder why it doesn’t last? Too many conditions.There is also behind that, no sense of trust that things will work out if they stick together and pull through.

“Who we are teaches the child far more than what we say, so we must be what we want our children to become.” - Joseph C. Pearce

“We become what we love, and who we love shapes what we become.” - St Clare of Assisi

And without that trust what do they think they’re saying to us and the future generations?

I have a few persons who still love me. I don’t know it is possible but they still want to share our lives. It’s not an easy life. A lot of the time it’s a poor life. For the people who stop loving me after I fell ill, I tend to think I have no luck. They are not good people and I am disadvantaged. It’ll be easy to love the former me. It takes a lot of good qualities to keep loving someone like me. They are not good enough to stay in the relationship. They need a lot of money and fame to fuel that relationship. Some how I don’t find these relationship to be fufilling. I don’t know. I think I better enjoy the relationship that is good and lasting. I still have some people who love me. But they are not romantic love. It hasn’t happened to me yet anyone in love with the disabled me. There are tones of people who want u in the good days. It’s just not an everyday happenings to have someone felling in love with a person like me.