Love For A Friend

I always remove myself when I feel I have over stayed my welcome. Not that I hate the person or they hate me, they are just in a different place than you are and you don’t fit in anymore. You can always tell as they stop talking to you or when they do it’s more of a cold conversation, brief and to the point.

Still, one carries a Love for the person, set it free sort of thing. remember the good times that bring a smile to your face and in very special cases call them in 20 years and hear the excitement in their voices when you know they feel the same way.

It is very hard first being sz, and being sz in general. I want to keep my friends but some of them think I’m the same as I always have been. I’m not the same. On the other hand, seeing them in moderation makes me feel like I used to feel for a short time. Mostly these days I’ve been sticking with visiting my family.

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