Love and happiness

Is it possiple to get to the pursuit of happiness and long term love relationship while being schizophrenic ?

I need love really badly in my life with anyone
Loving and being loved is a real bless
But the stigma and other factors making it so hard

What brings you happiness?
How can you form a loving longterm relationship?

It’s too late for me now as I’m 52.

But if I could give my younger self some advice, it would be to look people in the eyes a lot more.

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That one is deep @everhopeful

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I had a gf when I was younger. Now I am not in the right mental and physical shape for romantic love.

I think relationships are very difficult.
It’s got its alot of + and -
Met before Sz at 22. SZ does affect mine.
Everyone will have a completely different experience in their relationships.

I don’t have the energy or desire for romantic relationships. That’s what my dog does for me (no, not THAT! Lol)

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Been doing it for at least two decades now. It’s possible.

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Ive been withmy partner for 14 years. You just need to meet the right person. But that is harder for us due to sz. I was already in a relationship with my partner before i developed it. It may have been diffrrent outcome then.

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