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What do you think about love in general?

I don’t think I deserve much love nor I want love.

But I am truly an affectionate person and I offer a lot of love.

However, as a broken misanthrope, I don’t accept any kind of love. Betrayal always follows love for me. I don’t have faith in people.


I can make do as a complete loner.

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There are different kinds of love. The Greeks had seven different words for love. Romantic love seems to be the most desired, but it is also the most risky. The best thing is to cultivate a general feeling of goodwill towards humanity.


A lot of people try to understand and control love cause it has amazing powers. They say God is love. Some terribly burn themselves. Someones love gets taken and gets blinded by hate. Love and hate should be in balance within. Ying and Yang.

I’ve changed a lot. Love is something I need, I don’t want to not do I intend to go without affection or care. I am only letting in people who have this capacity. It’s better for the me to improve my odds of not falling into a relapse and health in general. Not something worth compromising or missing.

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Family love will always be there… but I would like to be in a relationship again… my situation has changed dramatically since psychosis, but someday…:confused:

I personally am open to love in a romantic way but it’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t happen.

Hate is a natural method too to feel sometimes but otherwise Love ALL THE WAY! :heartbeat:

Love is gonna save us.
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I am no longer sure about romantic love. But other types of love exist… love between friends and family… I haven’t completely lost faith in humanity as yet…

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