Lounge (Music)

Had to make a lounge post… this is what I’d lounge around to


I think people have grown to hate this song… meh

My interest in music is nearly dead since diagnosed with SZ. Meds do not help with it either. While medicated, music is uninteresting and I can rarely connect to it.

In order to listen to music, my brain has to feel pretty “gel” and actually propose a request. Usually, this just means playing one song 15x over. It’s like binge eating, but with music… if that makes any sense.


Yeah I hear you. I can listen music just fine…,

I can’t however read text unless it’s relevant to conversation. Books/poems my mind just refuses. I’ll look at each word in order just like with anything else and the dots just won’t connect.

I do think it can be overcame.

Lounge music for the ladies of this forum…

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Ooooohhh yeah I know what binging is about,I listen to songs over and over again more for the comfort than the content.

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