Lots of things piled up on me


I’m mostly ranting if that’s allowed.
Last December I broke up with my girlfriend, she was threatening suicide on me and was in general making me feel bad. We lived together and couldn’t afford to do anything about it.
Beginning of January I had a psychotic episode. My therapist and I figured out it was triggered by how my girlfriend was threatening suicide one day, then acting like a completely different person. I started believing she was a different person and then I figured I was actually dead. Went into the hospital for a week.
Then a week later mg symptoms came back, not as strongly so hospital was not needed. Me and this girl decided to try therapy together to try to make it work possibly, but we were not together. I wanted to keep it more casual but I felt it was becoming more than I could handle and her mental health took a nose dive. She has bpd, so I kind of figured it was because of me.
I told her yesterday that I didn’t think it was a good idea. She’s been posting a lot of bad things about me saying I treated her bad. I’m not saying I was a saint but a lot of my reactions was from her mistreatment or from being over whelmed by her demands and not being mentally available for that. I tried to explain it all but she wouldn’t listen.
Oh and a week apartment flooded.
Honestly not sure how I’m going to hold myself together

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I understand that she has BPD, and I know that may make you have sympathy for her as you know what it’s like to be severely mentally ill. However, you have to take care of yourself. She is toxic for you. Her behavior induced in you a psychotic episode. You can’t allow someone else’s mental health to worsen yours. I know it sucks, but you may need to cut her out of your life. I know you may care about her, and I know it’s not fair, but psychosis is dangerous, as is being in a toxic relationship. Whatever you decide to do, we are here for you. Please take care of yourself. I wish you only the best.


sorry, it can be difficult, i was lucky when i was with my ex that our illness didnt overlap bc it would have been hell. sorry about your apartment, hopefully things turn around for you, i’ll pray for it.

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Thank you guys! I am trying hard to find a possible way to get enough money to support myself. Not the easiest with being sza but I do have a pending disability application at least


I agree with @TheCircleOfFifths

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