Lots of people hate the disabled

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Over a decade ago I was taking part in a UK disability ng which was dominated by people with physical disabilities . A lot of them were very negative about people with mental illnesses. That was coupled with an attitude that reeked of the physically disabled being more deserving than those of us with mental illnesses .

Has the situation changed since then? I don’t know .

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Well they clearly dont know what they are talking about.

Sometimes I get stuck in thinking that I’m hated for my disability, but thinking like that only leads to me spiral if I can’t put a stop to it, so, before I reach that point, I try to steer my mind towards contemplating what I have in common with most of the rest of humanity.

It’s not easy, and it really sucks feeling “different”. We have value though! And if anyone refuses to see that, ■■■■ them. :slight_smile:

Disabled People need support, it could have hit you equally.

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