Lots of energy without doing nothing

i am not sure if it is okay. i am like this at the moment… i have lots of energy without doing things like cleaning the house(i am paranoi,i cant go out like this)… my mom tells me that i am a parasite… is it possible in the begining of the treatment with zyprexa? i am on 10 mg for my 12th day… i am angry also even if i am on depakote for the anger… hell boy,i am not sure ill get through this… some advices, some expriences of yours like this with medications? pls help :confused:

Could be stress hormones…Good metabolic energy comes with motivation


I would take advantage of the energy by having a goal of at least one chore a day. I wouldn’t overwhelm myself with cleaning the whole house but maybe today I would clean one bathroom, tomorrow I’d do two loads of laundry, the next day I’d dust and so on. The feelings of accomplishment will make you feel better. The new energy sounds like progress. Also, I found exertion helps with anger, nothing like scrubbing the tub when you’re pissed off. lol