Lost the ability

I feel like I lost the ability to develop new skills. As a kid I could obsessively practice things until I got better and better. I had that drive and focus. Now I just…don’t. I’ll get excited to learn a new thing but don’t have the mental “fuel” to actually go through with it. Has anyone else noticed this change in themselves as they got older? Do you think it’s just aging or a part of the illness?

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Just aging I think.

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It’s depressing to think that I just may never gain any new skills.

Even just like 4 years ago I took a drawing class and learned how to draw well. I found it soothing and satisfying to watch the drawing come to life as I worked on it. Now I don’t have the patience to create drawings like that anymore. I can’t concentrate on it.


It really helps if you have an interest in what you’d like to learn.

I can have great interest in it. I would love to be able to do drawing projects or painting or crocheting or so many other things. But passion alone can’t drive me anymore :confused:

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I’m finding similar things. Even things that I already know and enjoy, I don’t practice very often. I just don’t have the drive. I guess it wouldn’t bother me so much, but I was a highly driven person before all this mess happened

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