Lost my temper again today >.<

I was going through Facebook and found one from the girlfriend of one of my uncles, this uncle is one of those people who get uptight when people owe them money, but think its fine to blow off others when they are the ones who owe money…

He complained to her about my youngest uncle owing him $200, so she posted on Facebook that atleast HER children are ‘normal self sufficient people’ while both of my youngest uncles children ‘were kicked out of high school (his SON) and dropped out of college (his daughter) and still live at home with mommy and daddy’

this is not fair because:

1: my cousin, he has down syndrome and several other SEVERE disabilities, that make him unable to care for himself.

2: my other cousin dropped out of college after my uncle had a stroke so she could help take care of my uncle my aunt (who has severe diabetes) and her little brother.

3: this girlfriends oldest daughter is a drug addict who sells her foodstamps for crack money and has had her kids taken away several times

4: This girls other three children are ‘perfectly normal people’ who are living off their mom and her boyfriend’s money in a HOTEL.

I may lose my FB account because I said some things, not threats just insults, that would make even the hardest of evil villains want to punch me in the face.

Thing is, this uncle and his girlfriend borrowed 7 grand from me a few years ago and promised to pay it back in two years time, its been 5 years since they borrowed the money. They haven’t even paid me a dollar. So what right do they have to get all pissed off because my youngest uncle owes them $200 when they owe me $7,000? Why the hell does a guy who makes 100,000 a year need to borrow from his brother and nephew when they both together (at the time he borrowed the money) made about 60,000? I told him and his GF that I am disowning them, and if they need money they can “Sell her whore ass on the street, like she did before she met him”…

did I go too far or is this just…mostly just a rant here though so don’t feel obligated to say anything, just had to get it all out…

Me too. Common cut me a break. I would continue to apoligize but it seems like the internet is just so infested with trolls that just have it out for disabled prey. I can’t believe I got sucked into this again. It’s seriously ■■■■■■ up.

Oh god… someone please tell me it;s going to be ok. Thank goodness for Pixel.

Take it easy. Peace.

I think they deserved the cussing out you gave them. I’m sorry your family is giving you so much difficulty. Are there any family members whom you are close to?

I am close to my youngest uncle and his kids, his daughter was a huge support when my GF Sam died right after I was diagnosed, she was going to college to be a psychology major, which is why I wish I could help her get back into it, she’s very smart and deserves it.

As for the situation as a whole, the family is not exactly divided over this issue…my uncle and his GF are alone in their anger towards me. Even my great aunt, who sees me as a disgrace because of my SZ, agreed with me about the appalling nature of this. And this is a woman who TRIED to get me to commit suicide so the family wouldn’t have the ‘blemish’ on its name…

My uncles GF’s family though is trying to start a war I think, but then I insulted them too calling them inbred, but its true! my uncles GF’s parents are first cousins from Austria so they are inbred! They are calling my family ‘lazy backstabbers’ and mentioned my grandfathers cousin marrying a sibling back in the 90s. Which isn’t true, they just had the same last name. There are 6 Huntley families in my state, and only two of them are related and that’s by the marriage of my grandfather’s cousin to her husband.

This could actually be fun though, because my uncles GF’s son is my age and thinks hes some kind of macho man. Last time I got into a fight with him he accused me cheating to win. Not sure how knocking a pansy out with one upper cut is cheating but whatever. And before anyone accuses me of jumping the gun, he was drunk and reached into my best friends pants like a creep, so I knocked his ass out.

Yes, I have had issues with this guy already, but he decided to take it to another level. He should be on his way jail by now. I spent six hours today in the police office showing them the threats he issued over Facebook to my family, not petty threats about kicking ones ass or anything. No. He threatened to kill my mother, Rape my 10 year old sister and have my GF raped by his pitbull. The same pitbull he so proudly proclaimed was a ‘champion fighter’. If he isn’t in jail and really does show up at my house tomorrow, not sure how hed find it since hes never been to it but what ever, I will be prepared. Forcing yourself on a woman gets your ass kicked, threatening my family this way gets you shot in the balls and face.

I think they are baiting you into a trap, from everything you have said in both of your posts here.

I think they are trying to rile you up and trying to get you to get violent, so that they can pin charges on you.

Whatever you do, do not fall for their trap. Do not get violent, no matter what. It is a trap.

If he shows up, just call the police. Don’t open the door, just call the police, would be my advice.

Because it really sounds like they are trying to bait you so that they can get you in trouble.

that sounds likely, but it back fired.

He is now facing Criminal charges and is being held without bail.

Criminal Threatening
Cyber Crimes (Criminal Terrorizing)
Threats against a minor
Sexual Terrorizing
Illegal Use of a Public Forum (Facebook) To Commit Felony Crimes
Violation of Parol
Failure to Notify (he is a convicted sex offender and didn’t tell his neighbors he was on the list)
Violation of Protective Order (he moved in two houses down from the woman he assaulted despite a 500 yard restraining order)

All this stemming from one idiot who couldn’t keep his thoughts off the internet :smiley:

Well, I’m glad for jail since it will keep him from harming others. Hopefully it will work as the correctional institution it is called. What was he on parole for?

he was on parole for Sexual Assault…guys a sick ■■■■…