Lost my mind again, found it a year or so later

2018 was a crazy year for me, I mean REALLY crazy. I tried to move to California, decided the internet hacked my mom, came back, got kicked out of moms house because I insisted she was possessed and got property damage-y.
I had a girlfriend! But she also kicked me out for same basic reasons, I decided I was the messiah (duh) and that the house was being infiltrated by reptilians and stuff like that. Started drinking heavily (this is still 2018, mind you, I’m just getting back on my feet).
I ended up homeless but go figure the weight loss and confidence of being messiah (false I know) made me at least think I was great at basketball and guitar. Went to gym every day then bar every night then passed out with my road dog/homeless buddy/trans lover in various alleyways. Didn’t use meth or heroin but drank a lot.
Got stabbed. Twice. Got into lots of bar fights because I was acting crazy. I thought I was a celebrity and should be treated as such, so that coupled with me telepathically communicating my credit card info to waitstaff (ineffective for those who have these delusions) and running out of disability money early in the month due to binge drinking led to numerous run ins with other drunk patrons. I finally snapped when someone tried to jump me, too large of a man and he broke my tablet, defended myself overzealously with a knife and stabbed him in the neck. He lived, I went to jail for over a year awaiting trial.
Evidence is on my side for self defense except in my state (USA) one must be ‘reasonable’ to use self defense, literally how the law is written. So I accepted a plea to a lesser charge, get out and on probation. That’s September. The guy lived with non life threatening injuries. The cops forgot to pick up the camera footage, it was documented to have existed. But I’m ok, everyone’s ok.
I’m medicated now, again, mandatorily, in Aristada injection. Back to my normal peaceful self. Make art and music and animate. But I really went off my rocker last time. I’m scared of it but damn if it wasn’t fun at times.
Oh I left out the part where I went on the run to the beach in Całi for a month and partied every night. Wow. But now things are sleepy and I’m housed, same old nostalgic pining for old lost lovers around the holidays. Etcetera. Scattered but maybe entertaining.


My 2018 was a similar unmedicated mess. Homelessness is always wild. Glad you’re back. Enjoy stability for a bit

I got gangstalked again in 2018. I slipped up and told my psychiatrist about how mass shooters were also gangstalked. I dabbled in telling him about conspiracies about how this group after me wants to paralyze my brilliant mind because i know the truth that they are from universities doing experimental black contract work on people with mental illness because they have a sick world view on people with mental illness.

I was then stalked by them and followed around through satellites. Theyre outside my window right now btw.

I ended up getting the injection, its alright once you get used to it, personally i think i need the pills with it at a low dose.

Cheers to another year of not being dead at least.:beers::clinking_glasses::+1:

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