Lost In The Sound (song)

Just managed to write one more song before new year. I hope everyone has a good one :slight_smile:

Lost In The Sound

Here I am, lost
Lost in the sound

Right now, I don’t want to
To be found


I listened to the whole thing. Just brilliant! You pulled off a song with simple lyrics well.

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Sounds like the electric prunes lol. Very early in the psychedelic era of rock kinda stuff. I think at times you can bring your voice out more with less mixing and clearer enunciation. Maybe on the next song. But yeah it’s a cool song


Thanks a lot Loke.

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Hey, thanks for the feedback. I put reverb and a slight delay on vocals to try not to sound like I was in a small room. I guess they lose some clarity that way though.


I’m no mixing master but Did you compress it??

That usually brings back my clarity. But maybe don’t wanna overdo it

Usually on my voice in my songs I will slightly add some bass/treble then compress it. Maybe some noise reduction. Maybe some reverb. Adjust volume levels appropriately. Then I save it and put it through a mastering program which does a lot of stuff. And I’m awful at mixing and mastering but I’ve gotten a bit better lately. I think your song, it’s fine the way it is. But if you were clearer just for certain parts it might be even better. Just my opinion

Good work. And the instruments are real sick.


Nice work @Seascorpion.

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