Lost in the ghetto at 1045 at night in the summer

I ordered chinese food at the best chinese joint in town…not knowing where it was. It was in SONO which isn’t all bad…it’s the downtown. But then you go about 100 yards down the road and you’re in the straight hood. Well I couldn’t find the place. I got out of my car, got back into my car. Then I started driving around looking for it. Ended up in the straight HOOD…with my hippie bumper stickers. I turn around as fast as I could and get back to where I parked…right next to the movie theater. I walk around, all I see is black and hispanic faces, although this wasn’t the bad part of the neighborhood but they’re all looking at me funny. Finally I find the chinese joint. Wow is it good. Some places being white could be a really bad thing. I’m glad I live in a nice area. The ghetto is scary at night in the summer. Phew! And to think me and my friends used to go to the same neighborhood to buy weed without knowing the dealer, just drive up to a random guy and say “Got weed?” and then he drives us around the neighborhood and finds us some weed. Geez laweeze.


He forgot my fortune cookie…Maybe I’ll go back!!!

Will admit from white lady point of view, was always what I hated taking coworkers home on 2nd shift on weekends. Too many parties with way too many people, no cops around and the bullets can start to fly over anything…Was better just to avoid driving through there anyway on the back roads, stuff just happens.

Nothing stayed open after welfare ended in 1990s…Went to college over in the area at same time so not even many fast food choices, groceries or gas any more…People had to ride bus long way to get to basics.

That’s something you might get away with a few times, but if you ever did get caught short in the ghetto at night things could go very badly for you. I wouldn’t do that again.

one of my fav sayings!

I feel that way going anywhere I don’t know - ghetto doesn’t bother me anymore than anywhere else unless I don’t know the area. I used to live where we had driveby shootings all the time. Not a place I want to live for that reason.

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I got a flat tire in calis watts…I learned to play dice…while I waited on someone to come help…i fear no man and very few woman…my gf being one but anyway…I’m just shooting from the hip I read nothing but the title…

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