Lost in potato land

Im still alive, still havent gone to the hospital…last few days have been terrible…saphris was making me purge blood…so my doc said stop taking it, but did not prescribe me anything else…so been off meds since fri i think…its no good ive lost time and had severe symptom moments…i have been left alone from 4am to 2pm everyday…i called my parents it went horrible they were cold and didnt understand…it triggered a severe episode…and if i cant get meds tomm i will have to go to the hospital…fml hope you all are doing better than i am…

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Well that seems pretty whack.

I think their trying to force me into the hospital…but i dont think they know how dangerous that is…i had a bad episode yesterday and the neighbors had to stop me from getting in the road…and last night i re gained consciousness in the graveyard, i was in a crypt with no shoes or shirt…idk whats up…

Well honestly might not be the worst idea if you were recently vomiting blood. TBH I would want you to go to the hospital, too, so at least they can run some tests and make sure you’re really okay physically in addition to mentally.

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Oh it was worse… it was not puke…it was number 2 all blood no solids for 2 anda half days…

Yeah a hospital visit and mentioning the blood is probably a good idea. They can get you some meds and make sure you’re physically okay at the same time.

A stay in a hospital is survivable. I was hospitalized 5 months ago after staying out for 25 years. I am 54 years old with a bad back and I am not brave as most folks but I survived. So can you. I think at this point your survival outside of a hospital is in jeperday. Maybe a hospital stay is in order.

I dont know if i can do it…the blood has stopped…but my gf is probably getting her tonsils out and eithet cutting or freezing part of her cervix due to cancer cells…i need to be there for that stuff…i didnt have anything i couldnt handle today so maybe i can maintain atleast till after all of that is done and shes feeling better…

Good luck my friend, we’re here for you if you need us.

A trip to the hospital might not be a bad idea.

I also think the hospital would be best. Please take care

I feel torn…my soul mate has stuff going on that i think i need to be there for…i have this crap going on and need help…im also sick mucus in my sinus chest and guts…i feel like im disappointing everyone and my parents made me feel like a worthless peice of ■■■■…my doc said everytime i black out or have a severe moment my brain is firing on overload and every incident has a chance of me not coming back…im scared ill be completely non functional permanently in that ■■■■■■ up reality…

Okay so let’s just break it all down:

  1. You can’t really be there for your lover if you’re psychotic.

  2. If you become psychotic and never come back, you never see your lover in the same sense again.

  3. If you become psychotic and something bad happens, that’s a longer time until you can be there for your lover again.

So what do you gotta do since you love them so much?

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Damit…i know your right…im gonna call my doc in a couple of hours when they open try to get some new meds and if this doesnt work…i guess im going to the dam hospital…


Sorry you have so much going on and your symptoms are coming back. I wish you good luck. Going to hospital is probably wise. I don’t know how they do it where you live but you can tell them about your girlfriends situation and maybe they will let you be there for her when she needs you.

Take care of yourself before you look after your gf. You need to be with someone who will listen and offer reasonable advice. We are all saying go to the hospital.

Thank you all ill see how it goes with my doc today and either get new meds or go to the hospital…

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Good luck @flameoftherhine, keep us posted!

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I’ve been in hospital a few times and it was no big deal. If I was in your situation, I’d be begging them to let me into hospital.

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