Lost friendships and dreams

Today I dreamed about bad friendships. “I was doing an outdoor gymkhana, and I needed him to help me go through the “carnivore locusts swarm” part. I accepted his help and we finished the test. I ended up missing him as he went away by bus to his home.

I remember he was a little older than me and showed me a lot of cool things in life, but he ended up playing with me and laughing at me with others when I got psychotic.

I believe he misses me now a little bit, but just a little bit. I miss him a lot.

Is this all a dream?

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First paragraph is dream. The other two are a commentary and while I was writting them I realized that they could be an interpretation aswell.

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I feel kind of similar about a lost friendship. She meant a lot to me I didn’t realise just how much until we parted due to reasons. Idk if she appeciates me as much as I appreciate her.

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Was it a bad friendship you needed to end? Do you sometimes dream about her?

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It wasn’t bad. But we just had different paths to take. I guess. I mean I’m still friends on fb but we not like before.

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I’m so sorry to hear how it ended for you. That’s not great.

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Las night I dreamed that: “I was with my ex and her best friend at the beach and I was trying to hide my belly burying it in the sand. Later on the same beach, a person who has mutual competitivity with me was playing music very well and gathering around a crowd. I was very anxious because I was the next to play music for the crowd and I was sure I couldn´t be that good.”

I really need to burn the extra fat I have, it´s affecting my social experience. I started eating less like 2 weeks ago.

But this dream is more about how I feel about competitivity and music. While depressed I cannot practise enough, I´m scared to be the worst musician where I live.

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