Lost and wandering through the fog

Here we go, same ■■■■, different day. I deleted this post. just struggling with addiction and pissed that I can’t be vice free. yes, I’m talking about weed. anybody else struggling with an addiction/drinking?


I drink daily. I shouldn’t!

In my twenties; between breakdowns…I smoked an awesome amount of weed but was functional…held down jobs and households most fine but it eventually got too me.

Weed aint good for schizophrenia. I went psychotic and never smoked anything again. I spent life from 14 to 38 smoking a pack of cigarettes a day and only got off cause of the champix. I regret that lifetime of smoking! I still suffer from associated problems!

Seriously. Just stop. I drink cause it makes me feel normal but If I need to stop I do. That is the key! Pot is habit forming…it’s not addictive in a chemical sense…but emotionally it can be worse than smack!

Try replacing your bad behaviour with good…go for a walk! Go for a run. Plan your day away from pot…you want to pull a cone…talk to someone on the phone. etc etc.

Schizophrenia and associated disorders ban be a counterproductive cycle and you have to make a choice to break that!

YEah it’s medications but street drugs or smoking or drinking isn’t going to help in the long run.

STop feeling sorry and be productive! Pity parties are so unappealing!

A friend in the struggle,


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yes @rogueone I guess I do pity myself haha…it’s more like despair and longing to be the other way around. I think as long as I am around my family and friends I will always smoke pot so I am pretty much given up. I always play the I want to stop game while I have it but I sure sing a different tune when I’m out !! sorry for whining.

Drinking is a problem for me. Lately I have been getting drunk only about once a month, but that takes willpower. I’m trying to decide if I am going to drink this weekend.

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Hi rogueone, long time no see, remember me, kittycat, now littlekitty. I know it has been a long time and a lot has happened but I am back now and better than ever, I hope you are doing well.
take care,