Lost all my confidence regarding leaving the apartment

These last two weeks have been hard. Real life stuff has been very stressful.

When I get stressed everything unravels.

This time yesterday I was certain I heard this guy I hate talking about me on the steps of the building across the street.

Last night I kept waking because it felt like he was in my bedroom.

Half an hour ago and was outside at the post box when are car drives past with him in the passenger seat. The driver was talking into a walkie talkie.

This is too much. I am really down now


Same for me. I’m getting my butt handed to me on a plate by real life right now.

You could be wrong.

He wasn’t though.

Taxi? Or was it a mobile phone. Taxi drivers talk into walkie talkies.

I’m sorry you’re in distress @anon94176359 .

Take a break from going outside for a while if that’s adding to your distress.

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Thanks for understanding EH. You are a good guy!

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I haven’t eaten properly in days as well. Doesn’t help.

Not gonna let this guy I hate get me down. Onwards and upwards


Isnt @everhopeful a girl?

I always though so. Lol

Yea @anon94176359

Don’t worry, stay positive.

That’s scary jimbob.
How do you cope?

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I don’t cope well at all


Nope! I’m a guy !

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Hope you get better soon Jim, usually stressed thoughts aren’t the most accurate ones, so I wouldn’t think of them as something plausible.
People not liking each other is the most natural thing in the world, I don’t care much about it.

You’re a great guy Jim, if your family trust you to care for your youngest family members, it’s because they know you, know your illness and even so don’t have any stigma in having them around you. There’s no better appreciation than that, at least in my opinion.

Wish you get rid of those thoughts as soon as possible :wink:

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Be careful dude.
Call the police, if needed.
Better be safe, even if it’s just a delusion


Oh, I don’t know why I thought you were a girl lol.

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sorry you are feeling like that jim =(
i hope you feel better soon!

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How are you doing today @anon94176359 ?


Hey @Pandy i feel a bit better today thanks! Just had a great nap


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