Lost a best friend, lots of drama need help guys

My German best friend and i are no longer friends after nearly 8 years of knowing each other. It all started with him and me going to River and we went to this rock and made a fire and he started smoking weed and asked if I wanted some and I said no. Not to long after that he starts thinking that I was super high too and I’m like dude I didn’t have anything.

Anyways we leave and we go home. So last night I was gonna hang out with some of his friends at they’re house. We go to the back yard and sit on some chairs and they pass around weed and I refused it every time they passed it to me and I had absolutely NOTHING to drink so I wasn’t drugged. Anyways I started reading a book on my phone to try to ignore they’re randomness. I then felt really happy but slowly and giggly.

I eventually tell my friend in German hey can we go I don’t feel right in the car ride I started to feel God’s presence and that made me very happy and I began to understand his words and just almost anything. I come home and I go to my mom’s bed where she’s reading the Bible and I plop down and began to talk about God and how I’m feeling his presence and it was very interesting and beautiful. I then started to say I was cured and healed of my SZ and my mom got all excited and saying I was drunk on the Lord’s presence and that everyone’s prayers were answered for me about my SZ.

This lasts for like an hour until my mom walked me to my bed or the best first and then an hour passes. And I was just very happy and understanding God’s words and the world felt crystal clear to me. I eventually pass out but my stepdad thinks I was super high when I didn’t smoke anything but my friend again accused me of smoking it while he was high and I was like no dude I didn’t have anything and hes all convinced that I was high too. Anyways

The next day comes around and I go to two Bible studies with my mom one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. At this point I’m just very happy and feeling the world and how awesome it was. Nice feeling. While I was at the evening Bible study my friend comes to my house while my stepdad was there and started telling him that I got high with him both times and that my wife was doing all kinds of drugs when all I told him was that she smoked weed occasionally to relax only.

So he started to say my wife was pretty much a druggy. And then he told him how we lost the car and she had no car now when really we sold back the other car and bought a cheaper car with much lower monthly payments and insurance. Those three things was the last straw with him. I told him to never show up at my house again and said some curse words and how I’m not 15 and that he doesn’t have to tell my parents everything I tell him cause he has no business telling them all that. So yeah we’re not friends anymore even though he was the bestest friend out of my 3 only friends I’ve kept so far in my life.

What do you guys think was happening to me with feeling god and all that? Cause it felt like a spiritual enlightment. I never smoked anything either. So gimme your opinions please. Really need the help guys. I know someone will, y’all are awesome with supporting each other on here


Contact high maybe?

Do you think you could have smoked and not remembered like a laps in time. Also is this the first time you freind acted like an ass to you. It’s really cool when you feel the presents of God. But even when we don’t he’s still there.

@TomCat I don’t think contact high is a thing from what I’ve read in the past because I’ve smelt weed a lot before and never got those feelings before.

@5713 I really doubt that happened because I remember refusing it Everytime and getting annoyed with them being high and talking about the most randomist things ever so I went on my phone and read a book to pass time and occasionally laugh at how dumb they sounded. That laughing eventually turned into me feeling happy and later on connected to god. God is amazing by the way! I’m just trying to make sense of what happened with me.

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Forgive your friend. It’s the Christian thing to do.

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You have schizophrenia. Religious delusions are common in schizophrenia. Psychosis can (in my experience) be like being high. It’s as shame about your friend though; friends are hard to find. Maybe you’ll make up after you get some distance from each other for awhile and cool down.

That’s how friendships go. You fight sometimes.


Yes I agree. Try to make up eventually. Friends can be a-holes sometimes but they mean well!! Your friend sounds like someone who fools around a lot but didn’t mean you any harm. I agree with nick… Take some time to chill and consider making up. It is hard for sz to make close friends…


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