Lost 8lb already

Just be aware that your body will readjust how it uses calories if you short it for too long. It will go into “starvation mode” and you’ll find that it suddenly optimizes each calorie, really dropping how much weight you lose. Try to have no more than three or four starvation days in a row and put in a day with normal calorie intake. I’ve tried lengthy crash diets and they stop working after a week or so.


I too struggle sometimes …like this weekend I was visiting my brother and I had cake and ice cream and stuff… so this week I have to be more focused with it and what I eat.

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No, just tasting
I have one bite to check for salt etc

I’m after a 6 week - maybe 7 week starvation
It is something I’ve done before, losing 30 lbs roughly
I will take the readjustment phase seriously

Oooof. That’s pretty extreme. Good luck with it!

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