Lost 8lb already

Doing it with a bit of crash dieting
I’m not going to recommend it or ask for advice

I’ve done all kinds of diets and I will hope for the strength to go from this to healthy eating

The exit strategy is something I need to think about
I really don’t want to be obese any more


I don’t want to be obese anymore either so I’m dieting. I need to lose fifty pounds.


Good luck @Three, hope it works out for you.

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I need to loose 150lb to have a healthy weight according to my height, here’s the chart:

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Join MyFitnessPal and stick with their program. It works.

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I want to lose 50 lbs too… doing Intermittent fasting


Thanks guys
Intermittent fasting is a good way to lose weight
What rules are you following?
I have about 50 to lose as well

@velociraptor I’ve just got into a routine
I just go on my electric bike for an hour or so a day, can also mix that up with going to the pharmacy or shop
It’s very hilly in this area, so it’s not effort free

I’m having 3 vegan protein shakes
A soya milk drink, a lemon juice water and that is it

This is my day 10… I never exercised every day like this, it’s helping my depression more than extra meds would and it took a while to really fix this plan


It’s doable, not impossible
You need to try to save your life

@anon90843118 thanks! I’m not obese in 1lb time now!
10lbs down now, many more to go
My aim is to walk more easily if we get a chance to go on holiday - virus laws permitting
Maybe it is possible to get into normal weight zone
Most diets fail. That’s pretty scary cos just now it’s working

@Manny 50 is about what I’m aiming for too
Good luck to you as well.
Keep us updated… how is it going so far?


I’ve lost about thirty pounds since last year now I want to lose fifty more. I should be able to lose it all by next year.

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I’m also doing intermittent fasting. The clean fast where you can’t have milk in your coffee during your fasting hours. That part sucks. Also I tend to snack in the evenings so not being able to do that is so hard!

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Exercise really does help with depression. Definitely a vicious cycle when you get so depressed that you don’t exercise. It helps that it’s nice outside now. COVID really screwed me this year. I locked down in the middle of February when I saw what was coming and then my indoor walking track I used and my gym where I use the treadmills closed. I had turned into a sad couch potato by the time it was warm enough to walk. That and my last pacemaker was failing towards the end. I’ve been out walking every day since the surgery in June and feeling great.

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Hi Three, currently doing 20:4… 4 hour eating window from 1 PM to 5 PM. I use the fastastic app… it reminds me when to drink water, you can set up a meal plan and create a group with other friends who are fasting.

I also do 1 day or 3 day fast sometimes

Planning on doing another 3 day fast this week

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Hi. NoirLuna

I did the exact thing a couple of years ago
Worked well for a while
Brilliant for keeping it up
Struggling here with tasting things I cook for my husband
I’m having a bite sometimes and it’s getting dangerous already


I need to lose 40 pounds to get to my pre sz weight. I’m going to need to lose 60-80 to have a healthy weight and look skinny.

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I’m 10 lbs down, to look normal weight I’d need to lose another 30 I think roughly
I’d like to achieve that one day


Good job!!!



It’s difficult isn’t it not to slip now is key

Snack again and all is lost

That’s pretty good going!

Congrats so far.

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What kinda diet are you doing?

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3 vegan water powder protein shakes
One soya milky drink
Juice of lemons

Cooking tasting

You’re not eating any food?