Lost 10 lbs in two weeks

Asked my doctor if I should be concerned but said they were proud of me. I have read it could take a while for the weight to come off when off Zyprexa. Its been a couple months.


i lost 60 lbs in 4 months when i stopped zyprexa and went on geodon. lost 20 lbs in the first month then 10 in each following month.

Interesting so weight loss came off fast.

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it took like 3-4 weeks after stopping olanzapine for my body to feel like it was out of my system. it has a long half life. once it wore off i went from eating nonstop to being able to control how much i ate and not even being interested in food for pleasure

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Interesting, I will keep everyone on this forum posted.

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Yes, quick weight loss can happen. For me my wicked weight gain med was Abilify. I went all the way to 319 pounds and then when I switched to Haldol I rapidly decreased to 270 in only about 2 and a half months with no change in diet and zero exercise. Sometimes your body just hates a med!

Ayyyy congrqt! Great work

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