Loss of Joy

Do the holidays matter much anymore? Used to enjoy the holidays, now it’s only another day. The only holiday i feel anything for is Remembrance day, nothing other than that. I’ve been on the same AP for almost two decades, think that its the reason for this.


Its typical. It sucks when you’re poor. No money to spend or give people. Everyone is really happy. It can be a depressing time.

My birthday was okay. I felt some pleasure. I probably wasn’t as happy as others though.

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I used to love Thanksgiving and Christmas, but now I don’t feel anything about them anymore. It’s just this empty space that used to be filled with warm, cozy feelings and happy anticipation. If anything, the holidays are now a hassle because it’s harder for me to get things done nowadays.

I think the loss of joy might be from the illness, although antipsychotics probably don’t help. I’m on a very small dose, so I’m not sure how much that applies.


I can barely feel any pleasure anymore. It was like this before I was medicated, but since I recently started an AP, it’s become far worse. I spend most of my day asleep or laying on my couch doing nothing. I don’t even enjoy playing guitar or singing anymore. (My two favorite things to do before)

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I have been alone for the holidays now for over 30 years, no one calls, no one invites me anywhere, doubt if I would go anyway. I never expect anything, so no big heart break, just another day to hide indoors


I’ve always hated the ‘holiday’ season, if it means overspending what you don’t have on people you’d rather not see for one day to make up for being terrible the rest of the year.
Fk that.

Just be nice, don’t be a dick.


It could be the AP but that warm feeling for the holidays kind of fades over time anyways. Its all good though it just life doing its thing i aint had it in years because of the numerous changes in my life but the build up to the holidays i still feel sort of good about.

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I have 5mg of invega left in my body when will I feel dopamine and less depersonalized

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