Losing weight on

On risperdal, with good diet and exercise…

I took that and had to stop i cud not run and my face was puffy and my hands kep shakeing…my whole body was weak…can barly even walk…so i switch to zyprexa…

Did you lose weight after you got off of it ?

Nope i gain more wight becuse i wasnt able to exercise and i had to wait for it to wear off…tbh i dont even take my meds anymore i just listen the vocies talk crap and smile a littil…and act like im not schizophrenic its been working for a week now…my vocies are not going away…now i go to school lift after jog a littil just to keep my self in shape…:kissing:

I lost 65 lbs while on resperidone. Without exercising. And I ate good and I never went hungry.

yes i did lose weight